N. Korean Tourism Left Reeling After All 3 M’sians Cancel Holidays

PYONGYANG:  North Korea’s world-class tourism industry suffered a crippling blow today after news broke Malaysia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel ban in response to escalating international tensions. “We are disappointed to learn all three Malaysian tourists planning holidays have canceled,” said North Korean People’s Army Tourism Liaison General, Kim Dong-gil. “Our Kuala Lumpur […]

Athletes Who Embarrass Sports Ministry Face 3 Year Travel Ban

KUALA LUMPUR:  Losing Sportspeople who shame the nation when competing abroad may be barred from overseas travel it was revealed today. “Like those that badmouth the government, athletes also run the country down and cause embarrassment if they are thrashed in international competition,” said an Immigration Department spokesman,  “Malaysians need to be ambassadors when traveling […]

People talking about how money left country banned from leaving country

PUTRAJAYA: Today it was revealed that those that criticise or investigate how 1MDB money left the country are now themselves banned from leaving the country. “We can’t have these critics zipping all over the world unchecked,” said a home ministry spokesman, “it’s not like these guys are sovereign funds or anything!”   “The government will […]