N. Korean Tourism Left Reeling After All 3 M’sians Cancel Holidays

PYONGYANG:  North Korea’s world-class tourism industry suffered a crippling blow today after news broke Malaysia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a travel ban in response to escalating international tensions. “We are disappointed to learn all three Malaysian tourists planning holidays have canceled,” said North Korean People’s Army Tourism Liaison General, Kim Dong-gil. “Our Kuala Lumpur […]

PM drives taxi to boost tourism

Submitted by: Tourism Editor PUTRAJAYA:  Honeymooners from Tehran, Adib Mehrad and his new wife Giti Solati were shocked then delighted to find the driver of their taxi was none other than the Malaysian Prime Minister. Adib told FMN, “To be honest we weren’t so sure who it was driving, until he said his meter was […]

London: Malaysians sweep gold, silver

Submitted by:  Sports Editor   LONDON:  Competition is fierce in the UK where FMN is witnessing some extraordinary individual performances.  Although Malaysia is not traditionally a sporting nation, enthusiasm for these London games has been unprecedented. “We have a strict training regime,” said MP Dato Nasir Bin Yusof, “My wife and I rise early to […]

Tourism Ministry relocates to Australia

Submitted by: Australian Holiday Editor MELBOURNE:  Minister for Tourism and setting up million dollar Facebook pages, MCA deputy Datuk Seri Dr. Ug Yip Yip today announced a bold initiative to boost tourism to Malaysia – moving her department and her family abroad. “The best way I can serve Malaysia is to become a permanent resident […]