State govt asked how contractors can afford RM180,000 trees not dead, only hibernating

KUALA TERENGGANU:  Today botanists confirmed like the exotic trees seen on Bandar Baharu Kuala Nerus,.

Satisfying Terengganu Authorities, Unmarried Woman Commuter Weds Uber Driver

KUALA TERENGGANU:  Complying with the inevitable Religious Affairs requirements, 21-year-old civil servant, Fadzilah Binti Abang.

With No Online Porn, A Beautiful Cow Pageant Sounds Great, Say Terengganu Youth

Submitted by Beautiful Bovine Enthrallment Editor, KUALA TERENGGANU:  Today the youth of Terengganu, said the.

Water crisis solved: Terengganu MB to tapau icebergs on new Antarctic voyage

Submitted by Climate Crisis Editor, KUALA TERENGGANU:  Parched Malaysians across the peninsula breathed a sigh.

Terengganu schedules more building collapses to boost economy

Submitted by Crumbling Structures Editor, KUALA TERENGGANU:   There is a jubilant mood among locals this.