Stop Talking Politics Or We’ll Start Singing, Artistes Warned

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian entertainers like iconic singer Sheila Majid who recently tweeted about the rising.

Reform political donation funding before opposition does what we just did, says DPM

PUTRAJAYA:  Hours after not-answering questions about the mysterious RM2.6 billion donation into the PM’s bank.

Disillusioned With Govt And Opposition, Nation Prays New Star Wars Won’t Suck

MALAYSIA:  Today the rakyat disillusioned by the failings of the government and its opposition, confessed.

For Unauthorised Photo Use, Amanah Publicist Sentenced To One Year Following Felixia Yeap Online

PETALING JAYA:  Today an Amanah youth wing PR member was punished for using unauthorised photos.

PM Pays Tribute To Tun Mahathir’s Premiership By Sacking His First Deputy

PUTRAJAYA:  Today the Prime Minister set aside his bitter disagreement with Tun Mahathir over 1MDB,.

Youth paid to volunteer

Submitted by: Young Hipster Editor KLCC PARK: In a bid to stop young people from.