Revenge A Dish Best Served Old

KUALA LUMPUR: Days after he was unanimously chosen to lead the opposition into the 14th general election, many opposition supporters are still struggling to accept the best interim Prime Ministerial candidate to bring about essential democratic reforms is a 92-year-old former self-confessed, ‘benevolent dictator.’ “It’s not uncommon for politicians to defer retirement if they’re comfortably […]

‘Buffering’ Harapan logo symbolizes long wait for coalition to get its shit together

  KUALA LUMPUR:   Today supporters voiced their approval of a proposed Pakatan Harapan coalition logo featuring a buffering symbol. “This buffering Harapan logo symbolises the seemingly endless wait for the opposition to go beyond individual members highlighting the government’s kleptocracy, and provide details of coalition policies to boost the economy, strategy to form a capable […]

Uncle who was rough on you as a kid wants to save you from much worse uncle

MALAYSIA:  The nation remained in a state of unease this weekend after an old uncle that roughed up the nation years ago emerged as the champion defender against another much worse uncle abusing us now. “This old uncle has no right to say what he says because he once did similar things,” said a Malaysian, […]

Opposition Leaders Can Avoid Sedition Arrest By Not Opposing Government Say Experts

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today Malaysia’s police force explained the reason sedition arrests only happen to opposition leaders is that they oppose the government and its policies. “This is not selective prosecution,” said an enforcement expert, “it is the opposition who is causing trouble by opposing the government which is not what we expect an opposition to […]

Malaysian filmmakers show grainy footage

Submitted by: Sleazy Video Editor CARCOSA SERI NEGARA:  This week FMN will attend the annual Malaysian BN Short Film Festival.   This rapidly expanding category allows promising new filmmakers a chance to really experiment with the art form. Last year’s winner Director Yu Hai Ding told FMN, “I squashed into a sleazy hotel crawlspace for 6 […]

Government study confirms voting opposition weakens families

Submitted by: Editor in Chief KUALA LUMPUR:  An UMNO spokesman commissioned a study into household voting habits in the previous 2 general elections in a bid to understand their chances at the polls expected later this year. “The outcome was very revealing,” he said,  “The study concludes opposition supporters typically live in households of just […]

Police: Extraterrestrials infiltrating opposition

Submitted by: Close Encounters Editor KUALA LUMPUR:  Assal Bin Dun, leader of the Malaysia Undercover Police Probing Extraterrestrial Things (MUPPET) squad, presented inquiry findings to Parliament this week. The report concluded that numerous DAP, PKR and PAS members had been consumed by body snatching slime aliens determined to overthrow the government.  The recent street protests […]