‘Buffering’ Harapan logo symbolizes long wait for coalition to get its shit together

  KUALA LUMPUR:   Today supporters voiced their approval of a proposed Pakatan Harapan coalition logo.

Uncle who was rough on you as a kid wants to save you from much worse uncle

MALAYSIA:  The nation remained in a state of unease this weekend after an old uncle.

Opposition Leaders Can Avoid Sedition Arrest By Not Opposing Government Say Experts

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today Malaysia’s police force explained the reason sedition arrests only happen to opposition.

Malaysian filmmakers show grainy footage

Submitted by: Sleazy Video Editor CARCOSA SERI NEGARA:  This week FMN will attend the annual.

Government study confirms voting opposition weakens families

Submitted by: Editor in Chief KUALA LUMPUR:  An UMNO spokesman commissioned a study into household.

Police: Extraterrestrials infiltrating opposition

Submitted by: Close Encounters Editor KUALA LUMPUR:  Assal Bin Dun, leader of the Malaysia Undercover.