Malaysian censors say gay character spoiled family friendly tale of female abduction

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today Malaysian censors defended their decision to indefinitely postpone the new Disney live action remake of Beauty and the Beast, a heartwarming  tale involving female abduction, slavery and dancing with a buffalo, on account of one gay character ruining the entire family friendly movie. “There’s nothing wrong about enjoying a wholesome movie suggesting young […]

Boyfriend complains being forced to watch sexless ‘Girlfriend Kontrak’ a form of bondage

SUBANG JAYA:  Today a man at a cinemaplex said he was forced to watch U-rated local 50 shades adaptation, Girlfriend Kontrak against his will. “My girlfriend Siti enjoys seeing me suffer,” complained 22-year-old Arif, “I was in agony for what seemed like hours watching fully clothed Nur Risteena save village fireflies from a rich playboy […]

Malaysian Censors Agree To Release Edited 50 Shades of Grey Movie as 12 Minute Short Film

MALAYSIA:  Today the Malaysian Censorship Board reversed a decision to ban the upcoming erotic film 50 Shades of Grey by permitting a 12 minute edit of the movie to be released in theaters next week. “The Malaysian version of 50 shades of grey tells the story of two people talking, then preparing a legal contract,” […]