Citizen Liow Slams MCA Beer Fest Backdown

PETALING JAYA:   Today enraged YouTube celebrity ‘Citizen Liow’ slammed MCA politicians for not doing enough to defend his rights following the cancellation of the 2017 Better Beer Festival. “Weeks ago some politician came into my house and after helping himself to coffee told me to believe in Malaysia,” ranted ‘Citizen Liow’ hurling his trademark White […]

Govt Whose Wealth Fund Sent Billions To Wrong Company Concerned How DAP Spends 1Mil

KUALA LUMPUR: Today a BN politician whose leader’s brainchild wealth fund sent US$3.5billion to the wrong British Virgin Islands company, expressed serious concerns how DAP will spend the RM1million in donations collected for Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s bail. “Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker is very worried about what DAP does with it’s money, […]

MCA too busy to contest Bukit Gelugor – Say May is a hectic month

Submitted by He Who Fights and Runs Away Editor, GEORGE TOWN:  In a move that will inspire its many grass root supporters, the MCA have announced they are all too busy to contest the Bukit Gelugor By Election. “May is a hectic time of year,” said party president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, “we all […]

MCA pledge to leave mistresses if party lose by-election

Submitted by Extramarital Postings Editor, KAJANG:  Following their disastrous performance in GE13, MCA are struggling to remain relevant to Malaysian voters.  With much at stake for the party in the Kajang by election,  President Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai took his campaign message to the people. “Good evening and thank you for attending our MCA […]

MCA: Wish we were as hot as sex bloggers

  Submitted by Online Smut Editor,   JOHOR:  Malaysians have been publicly disgusted and privately aroused checking out the site  Now, after a week in the limelight, the Star Newspaper is facing the harsh reality that the public will soon tire of an offensive young couple sharing their sex lives online, and the newspaper […]

BN: Chief Minister’s marriage a threat to Penang

Submitted by: Political Marriage Editor MELACCA: Parliament yesterday put aside the plight of the poor, the elderly, scandals of wasteful public sector spending, discussion to better the country and the needs of the people, to focus on a more pressing subject, the state of a Chief Minister’s marriage. “We don’t mean to pry but this […]