PAS Calls For Melbourne Airport Alcohol Ban

PETALING JAYA:  Today PAS members called for a complete alcohol ban at all Australian airports after it was revealed the drunk mental patient who tried to ‘blow up’ flight MH128 was already intoxicated when he boarded the plane. “MH128 departed Melbourne airport at 11:11PM Wednesday night with the hijacking attempt concurring at 11:28PM, only minutes […]

Airport taxi tells MAS CEO he can’t take suitcase due to road turbulence

DAMANSARA:  Today a KLIA airport taxi collecting MAS CEO Chris Mueller from his home explained he could not take his suitcases because of an urgent need to save fuel.  The disappointed German expat had booked the airport taxi as he was on route to Paris for his holiday. “My taxi is quite old,” taxi driver […]

No check-in bags to Europe: Passengers help MAS save even more fuel by flying Etihad

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today Malaysian Airlines passengers destined for Europe helped the carrier save jet fuel by not only not-checking their own luggage, but also by putting themselves on other carriers. “These European headwinds are very serious,” said a MAS spokesman, “fortunately they stopped affecting our London flights once we remembered how profitable that route is.  […]

MAS stops flying all routes to regain profitability

KLIA:  Today, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) announced it will cease flying to Paris, Amsterdam and all other destinations as part of a bold rationalisation exercise to restore it to profitability. “The national carrier needs to stop flying unprofitable routes,” said an airline spokesman, “so we’ve had to scrap all domestic and international destinations under our aggressive […]

Caterer Brahims to open Burger King Restaurants on all MAS flights

Submitted by Frying in the Sky Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  In a bold move to bring passengers back to Malaysian airlines, In flight caterer Brahims today announced plans to purchase the Burger King franchise in order to open BK restaurants on all domestic and international flights. Brahims sky high fast food manager Ali Burger Bakar told […]