PAS Calls For Melbourne Airport Alcohol Ban

PETALING JAYA:  Today PAS members called for a complete alcohol ban at all Australian airports.

Airport taxi tells MAS CEO he can’t take suitcase due to road turbulence

DAMANSARA:  Today a KLIA airport taxi collecting MAS CEO Chris Mueller from his home explained.

No check-in bags to Europe: Passengers help MAS save even more fuel by flying Etihad

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today Malaysian Airlines passengers destined for Europe helped the carrier save jet fuel.

Wrong direction flight: Even Malaysian planes trying to migrate to Melbourne, laments TalentCorp

AUCKLAND:  Today a Malaysian Airlines flight reconsidered its future in Malaysia and decided to migrate.

MAS stops flying all routes to regain profitability

KLIA:  Today, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) announced it will cease flying to Paris, Amsterdam and all.

Former MAS bosses admit staff retrenchments giving them sleepless nights on their money beds

MALAYSIA:  Today the MAS cronies and retired bosses that ran the struggling airline into the.