Thousands Forgive 1MDB Scandal After Riding MRT

    KAJANG: After an enjoyable ride along the new MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang (SBK) line this morning, thousands of commuters announced they have forgiven Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for the multi-billion ringgit 1MDB scandal. “I admit I had misgivings towards the Prime Minister and Barisan Nasional,” said one commuter, “particularly in April when 1MDB […]

Exciting new mall has exact same shops as old mall

PETALING JAYA:   Tired of his regular hangouts, this week Peter Chin and family experienced the joy of visiting the exact same shops they normally frequent in an exciting new mall which just opened. “We started out having pancakes at the new mall’s Coffee Bean,” said Chin in a statement, “I haven’t had pancakes that tasted […]

Lego Releases KL Haze Season Play Set

MALAYSIA:  Collectors were scrambling to Lego shops today to buy up stocks of the Danish toy maker’s first Malaysian themed release, a new haze season Kuala Lumpur play set. “Collecting limited edition Lego can be more lucrative than speculating on the stock market,” said children’s toy collectable fiscal returns specialist Abdullah Bin Bakar, “despite today’s […]

Strike Over Ride-Sharing Forces Customers To Try Ride-Sharing

KUALA LUMPUR:  Enraged by news the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) has plans to legalise convenient ride-sharing services such as Uber and GrabCar, cabbies today announced a 6 day strike which will punish customers by leaving them little choice but to try out convenient ride-sharing services such as Uber and GrabCar. “These ride-sharing apps are […]

City Congestion To Be Reduced By Swapping Parking Spaces Every 2 Hours

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today city motorists applauded the latest initiative by Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor to reduce traffic congestion in the central business district (CBD). “Motorists will be able to park in the street for a maximum two hours at the increased rate of RM5,” said a DBKL spokesman, “after that […]

Commuters Spending 2 Hours A Year Waiting Behind Cars Stuck In Smart Tag Lanes, Study Finds

Klang Valley:  A comprehensive commuter driving habits study said the average KL commuter spends two hours in total each year waiting for a car stuck in the Smart Tag lane, it was revealed today. “It’s an all too common experience for motorists,” said head motoring researcher Sum Ting Wong, “after sitting through a massive tollbooth […]

Tengku Adnan launches bag snatch festival to curb theft

KUALA LUMPUR:   After announcing plans to legalise illegal KL street racing, today Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor suggested a night time bag snatch festival to stop thieves from stealing. “We have many talented thieves that need somewhere to showcase their skills,” said a source, “giving thieves the opportunity to ‘get it out of […]

14 things that would happen if Godzilla attacked KL

We are really excited about the new Godzilla movie.   From what we hear, the big guy won’t be stomping through KL in the film, but what if he really did?  Here are 14 things that might happen. 1. Big traffic Jams 2. The damage would be catastrophic 3. The Prime Minister would maintain an ‘elegant […]

Fortunes to be made in real estate

Submitted by: Property Editor PETALING JAYA: “Now is the perfect time to buy Malaysian property” is what millionaire real estate guru Lu Kin Wong has been telling buyers since he started selling homes in 1998.  He spoke over the weekend at his free ‘Get Rich Through Massive Real Estate Debt Seminar’ at the PJ Hilton. […]