Night riders confident they can avoid tragedy by doing exact same thing

JOHOR BARU:  Teenage cyclists representing Johor’s thrill-seeking Mat Lajak community remained confident they could avoid the tragic death that befell their comrades hit by a car in February, if they just commit themselves to doing the exact same thing they did. “We will never forget our nine friends who needlessly died after a car hit […]

Singaporean Hipsters Say RM20 Johor Entry Fee Still Not Enough To Look Cool Being Seen There

SINGAPORE:   For many years, Singaporeans have escaped their country’s oppressive crime-free cleanliness, and endless queues by fleeing to neighboring Malaysia.   In a friendly ‘tit for tat’ response to Singapore’s Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) for Malaysian cars, our government will introduce a long-awaited RM20 entree fee for Singaporean vehicles entering via the causeway. “Why does Malaysia […]

Johor Offered Water Filtered By Singaporean Kidneys

JOHOR:  Today Singapore told Johor’s water regulatory body Badan Kawalselia Air Johor (Bakaj), that in addition to the six million gallons of daily treated water they were supplying, it could also pump NEWater which had been filtered through the kidneys of its citizens. “Johor is facing a major environmental disaster after a GLC-linked palm mill […]

Air rescue team sweeps Johor in search of property buyers

JOHOR:  Armed with satellite imagery, property developer air rescue crews today began flights over miles of unsold properties searching for buyers. “I saw a man walk into a show unit on my morning patrol,” said Iskandar buyer search member Abdul Aziz, “but he just went in there to grab a free 100plus.  I hope he […]

Workers demand fair wages

Submitted by: Industrial Relations Editor KUALA LUMPUR:  Malaysian workers across the country are celebrating the government’s promise that employees be treated fairly and equally.  FMN met with several supporters of the new policy; “All we want is the same working conditions across the board.   Why should one group of workers get paid more than we […]

Johor welcomes Singaporean tourists

Submitted by: Southern Regional Editor JOHOR:  Wealthy visitors from Singapore have enjoyed the many delights available to them just across the Causeway in Johor.    Popular attractions include the famous ‘Ripe Mangoes’ KTV, challenging un-kept golf greens, cheap seafood, subsidized Ron 93 petrol and the ability to purchase counterfeit Blu-ray disks for 20 ringgit. Tourists are […]