FMN TURNS 5! We share our best headlines. Also,why fake news sucks (but satire is good for you)

  FMN turns 5 next week so we’re taking a break from breaking news to.

DPM and UAE Minister talk CRAP*

Submitted by FMN FLAE KL:  The Malaysian DPM greeted the arriving UAE CM for Ministry.

Barisan Nasional Puppet Theatre may close this year

Submitted by: Arts Editor   SELANGOR:  Malaysia’s longest running puppet show the “Teater Politik Melayu”.

Nippon develops camera for Malaysian journalists

GEEKY TECHNOLOGY SUPPLEMENT Submitted by: Gadget and Gizmo Editor KUALA LUMPUR:  Yesterday Nippon Japan launched.

PM drives taxi to boost tourism

Submitted by: Tourism Editor PUTRAJAYA:  Honeymooners from Tehran, Adib Mehrad and his new wife Giti.

Sarawakian timber logging hits record high

Submitted by:  Green Editor SARAWAK: Environmentalists have demanded the government halt widespread destructive timber logging.  .

Elderly man enters Malaysian Book of Records

Submitted by: Malaysian Lifestyle Editor BUKIT BINTANG:  72 year old Mr Hock Ah Chak launched.

Riot police break up company picnic

Submitted by: Editor in Chief LAKE GARDENS: The M-Bank annual staff picnic day turned ugly.

JAWI reps attacked in bookshop

Submitted by: Saucy Literature Editor   SUBANG:  Bestselling fictional book, “50 shades of Grey” an.

Government study confirms voting opposition weakens families

Submitted by: Editor in Chief KUALA LUMPUR:  An UMNO spokesman commissioned a study into household.

UMNO Minister’s aircraft makes emergency landing

Submitted by: Editor in Chief DUBAI:  Minister for Building things that sometimes collapse, Tan Sri.

Police: Extraterrestrials infiltrating opposition

Submitted by: Close Encounters Editor KUALA LUMPUR:  Assal Bin Dun, leader of the Malaysia Undercover.

Workers demand fair wages

Submitted by: Industrial Relations Editor KUALA LUMPUR:  Malaysian workers across the country are celebrating the.

The Devoted Malaysian Husbands Club

Submitted by: Family and Lifestyle Editor PETALING JAYA: A group of Malaysian men are fed.

Youth paid to volunteer

Submitted by: Young Hipster Editor KLCC PARK: In a bid to stop young people from.

Fast food chain withdraws I❤PM Burger from Sale

Submitted by: Editor in Chief JALAN DUTA:  Today the high court heard complaints against restaurant.

Parachute Scandal: Corruption suspected

Submitted by: Army Corruption Watch Editor MALACCA: The Malaysian elite 10th Paratrooper Brigade has called.

Lost toddler reunited with father after missing for 4 hours

  Submitted by: Family and Lifestyle Editor KUALA LUMPUR: A 3-year-old boy was found this.

Voters hail ‘the reformer’

Submitted by: National Harmony Act compliant Editor PUTRAJAYA:  Confirming his credentials as a reformer, the.

Panda Vigilante squad tackle street crime

Submitted by: Crime Buster Editor MALACCA: Minister for Information and Barisan Nasional ‘young gun’ since.