Hipsters want to be known as Bangsa Bangsar

BSC2:  As the nation contemplates unity as a core concept of Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin’s TN50, some Malaysians have expressed a deep connection with some popular Telawi Street hangouts. “I’ve been coming here a long time,” explained one-time Bangsar party girl Emily Yap, “here I am brunching with my children only metres from […]

Exciting new mall has exact same shops as old mall

PETALING JAYA:   Tired of his regular hangouts, this week Peter Chin and family experienced the joy of visiting the exact same shops they normally frequent in an exciting new mall which just opened. “We started out having pancakes at the new mall’s Coffee Bean,” said Chin in a statement, “I haven’t had pancakes that tasted […]

Dr M’s ‘Fear and Loafing’ Bakery

Submitted by Hot Bagel Editor,   BANGSAR: Malaysian muffin munchers claim they have been unfairly treated at a new bakery owned by proprietor and Patisserie Maestro (PM), Dr Mahir bin Mohammed. Customer Don Noh Hoo told FMN, “I come here every day and queue up for a coffee and a raisin bun, but I’m always […]