Anwar Visited By Long-Lost Uncle Khathir

KUALA LUMPUR: Touching scenes at Hospital Kuala Lumpur this afternoon as jailed defacto PKR leader,.

Nation’s Flight Stewards Disgusted With Anwar’s Homosexuality

KLCC:  Today the country’s hardworking, male cabin attendants voiced their disgust at the opposition leader’s.

Swagmeister Khairy Ordered to Surrender Timberland boots after Joe Biden Troll Tweet

Submitted by Fashionable Footwear Repercussions Editor, NEW HAMPSHIRE:  Today in a shock move, Timberland CEO.

Producers green light Sodomy3: Trilogy finale gets 2018 release

Submitted by Backdoor Trilogy Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Today the hopefully final chapter in Malaysia’s Sodomy.

I’m going to think twice before hiring any more pretty faced political aides says Anwar

Submitted by High Cheek Boned Hiring Policy Editor, PALACE OF JUSTICE:  In a serious blow.

Anwar’s lawyer’s lawyer also charged with sedition

Submitted by Seditious Litigator Comments Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  In a legal case without precedent, the.

EC postpones by-election to allow PKR time to explain ‘Kajang Move’

Submitted by Give them Enough Rope Editor, . KAJANG:  The Malaysian Election Commission is an.

Anwar tipped to win Kajang by-election unless BN field candidate

Submitted by Vacated Seat By-Election Editor, PETALING JAYA:  In a crowded press conference at the.

Muppet Prime Minister to debate Opposition

Submitted by Felt-based Political Intercourse Editor, PUTRAJAYA:   With the first televised pre-election debates between Obama.