Air rescue team sweeps Johor in search of property buyers

JOHOR:  Armed with satellite imagery, property developer air rescue crews today began flights over miles of unsold properties searching for buyers. “I saw a man walk into a show unit on my morning patrol,” said Iskandar buyer search member Abdul Aziz, “but he just went in there to grab a free 100plus.  I hope he […]

Paris Hilton and 2AM arrive to celebrate Malaysia’s unaffordable property market

PETALING JAYA:  With the country on the brink of a possible economic crisis, property developer Empire City has wisely decided to host a lavish Party of the Century this evening to sell expensive luxury apartments ordinary debt-laden Malaysians can’t afford. “Hey if Korean pop band 2AM, Taboo and Paris Hilton are attending the Empire City […]

New Mont Kiara condo boasts breathtaking views of London

Well you’ve arrived.   Wealth has come your way but it hasn’t been easy has it?  Remember those school boys that mocked you? the cousin who laughed at your setbacks? and the sibling that lent you some start-up capital you never repaid?  Now you have risen above them all and reached above the pinnacle of the […]

African condominium bans Malaysians

Submitted by Racist Condominium editor, JOHANNESBURG:   In the well-to-do suburb of Sandton, a group of apartment owners at the exclusive African Winds Apartments  have had enough of the antics of misbehaving tenants and issued a ban to all Malaysians.   The decision was made last week at the owner’s Annual General Meeting and FMN was on […]

2012 BN protest 2007 BN stupidity

Submitted by; Holy Spelunking Editor,   BATU CAVES: Doldrum Estates Sdn Bhd has been instructed by the PR State Government to stop work on a group of 29 story serviced apartments near the famous Batu Caves temple after concerns that they would obscure the surrounding limestone mountains and desecrate the temple. “We are sworn to […]

Fortunes to be made in real estate

Submitted by: Property Editor PETALING JAYA: “Now is the perfect time to buy Malaysian property” is what millionaire real estate guru Lu Kin Wong has been telling buyers since he started selling homes in 1998.  He spoke over the weekend at his free ‘Get Rich Through Massive Real Estate Debt Seminar’ at the PJ Hilton. […]