President Obama visits nasi pedang restaurant

Submitted by Presidential Dysentery Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  United States President Barak Obama visited a local.

Move to KLIA2 or else we start building KLIA3 AirAsia told

Submitted by Obstinate Airline Editor, SEPANG: In a tersely worded statement, the government today threatened.

Sweden releases convicted Mother: Malaysians celebrate by bringing naughty kids to Ikea Damansara

Submitted by Some Parental Assembly Required Editor, MUTIARA DAMANSARA:  Supervisors at Ikea here, have been.

Part of Sungai Buloh Prison reopening as University for Africans

Submitted by School of Hard Knocks Editor SELANGOR: Malaysian colleges have invited overseas students from.

Kedah announces plan to build bridge to Thailand

Submitted by Unnecessary Infrastructure Editor, ALOR SETAR:  Proving once again he takes after his father,.

PM says he is only two ‘bloody duck protests’ away from unveiling Unity Plan

Submitted by Political Expedience Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  The Prime Minister today reassured Malaysians that the Government’s.

Police warn Flappy Bird lovers to stop stupid duck and chicken protests

Submitted by Needless Animal Cruelty Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  The offices of Malaysiakini, MP Teresa Kok.

“Don’t waste govt money” PM tells BR1M recipients, “that’s our job!”

Submitted by Wise Spending Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  The Prime Minister had an important message to.

Malaysia trolls Singapore over crappy press freedom ranking

Submitted by Pot calling the Kettle editor, KUALA LUMPUR: News broke recently that out of.

POLL: 99% of Malaysians say government corruption free

NATION:  In a massive blow to the opposition, a survey has revealed an overwhelming majority.

Home Minister’s bull used to treat dengue

Submitted by Disease Control Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  The current outbreak of dengue fever has been called.

Swedish expat jailed for slapping Malaysian

Submitted by Cultural Misunderstanding Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Swedish oil and gas expatriate Björn Ikea Joergen.

PM orders Ministers be photographed at wet markets

Submitted by Spot Check Editor, BANGI:  The Prime Minister has ordered Ministers to be photographed.

RON 95 pumps to be fitted with ‘poor detectors’

Submitted by ‘Dress Down to Fill Up’ Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri.

Demonstrators rally to end protests

Submitted by Endless Protests Editor, GEORGE TOWN:  With outrageous protests an almost daily occurrence, democracy.

Malaysian politicians attend price hike sympathy training

Submitted by Performing Political Arts Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  Malaysia’s politicians have been caught flat footed by.

Sex Blogger Alvin Tan appointed head of National Distractions Council

Submitted by Misdirection Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  Self exploiting attention seeker Alvin Tan has provided Malaysians with.

Rakyat to PM: “We feel your pain!”

Submitted by Prime Ministerial Empathy Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  Even during these challenging economic times, kind-hearted Malaysians.

1Malaysia or 1Melayu? : A Facebook Wall
Sarawak Chief Minister protests destructive dam

Submitted by Environmental Outflows Editor, KUCHING:  North Borneo has been weighing on the minds of.