DNA analysis reveals Cadbury chocolate in man’s rectum

Submitted by Anal Confectionery DNA Editor, BANGI:  Saiful’s legal council is on the defensive this.

New study reveals taxi meters more likely to break down on rainy nights when you really need to get home

Submitted by Negotiable Taxi Fares Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  A passenger based survey has revealed taxi.

10,000 gather in KL to protest against driving cars

Submitted by Obstructionist Protestor Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Still reeling from the after effects of last.

President Obama visits nasi pedang restaurant

Submitted by Presidential Dysentery Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  United States President Barak Obama visited a local.

Move to KLIA2 or else we start building KLIA3 AirAsia told

Submitted by Obstinate Airline Editor, SEPANG: In a tersely worded statement, the government today threatened.

Sweden releases convicted Mother: Malaysians celebrate by bringing naughty kids to Ikea Damansara

Submitted by Some Parental Assembly Required Editor, MUTIARA DAMANSARA:  Supervisors at Ikea here, have been.

Part of Sungai Buloh Prison reopening as University for Africans

Submitted by School of Hard Knocks Editor SELANGOR: Malaysian colleges have invited overseas students from.

Kedah announces plan to build bridge to Thailand

Submitted by Unnecessary Infrastructure Editor, ALOR SETAR:  Proving once again he takes after his father,.

PM says he is only two ‘bloody duck protests’ away from unveiling Unity Plan

Submitted by Political Expedience Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  The Prime Minister today reassured Malaysians that the Government’s.

Police warn Flappy Bird lovers to stop stupid duck and chicken protests

Submitted by Needless Animal Cruelty Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  The offices of Malaysiakini, MP Teresa Kok.

“Don’t waste govt money” PM tells BR1M recipients, “that’s our job!”

Submitted by Wise Spending Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  The Prime Minister had an important message to.

Malaysia trolls Singapore over crappy press freedom ranking

Submitted by Pot calling the Kettle editor, KUALA LUMPUR: News broke recently that out of.

POLL: 99% of Malaysians say government corruption free

NATION:  In a massive blow to the opposition, a survey has revealed an overwhelming majority.

Home Minister’s bull used to treat dengue

Submitted by Disease Control Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  The current outbreak of dengue fever has been called.

Swedish expat jailed for slapping Malaysian

Submitted by Cultural Misunderstanding Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Swedish oil and gas expatriate Björn Ikea Joergen.

PM orders Ministers be photographed at wet markets

Submitted by Spot Check Editor, BANGI:  The Prime Minister has ordered Ministers to be photographed.

RON 95 pumps to be fitted with ‘poor detectors’

Submitted by ‘Dress Down to Fill Up’ Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri.

Demonstrators rally to end protests

Submitted by Endless Protests Editor, GEORGE TOWN:  With outrageous protests an almost daily occurrence, democracy.

Malaysian politicians attend price hike sympathy training

Submitted by Performing Political Arts Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  Malaysia’s politicians have been caught flat footed by.

Sex Blogger Alvin Tan appointed head of National Distractions Council

Submitted by Misdirection Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  Self exploiting attention seeker Alvin Tan has provided Malaysians with.