Wish we wore something more tasteful like Ebola costumes, say MH370 Halloween girls

Submitted by Outrageous Horror Outfit Editor, KANSAS:  Halloween celebrants who tastelessly wore MH370 flight crew.

iPhones will make you gay warns religious authority

Submitted by Same Sex Smartphone Inter-connectivity Editor, KUALA LUMPUR: The Federal Authority for Religious Consumer.

Malaysians welcome petrol pump income checks to qualify for cheaper RON95

Submitted by Petrol Price Discrimination Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Yesterday, second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad.

Cops stumble on Malaysian overage sex industry

Submitted by Fossilised Libido editor, PETALING JAYA:  Today Bukit Aman dismissed calling cases of young.

AirAsia announces flights from one side of KLIA2 to the other

Submitted by Forced Traveler Retail Therapy Editor, SEPANG:  Foot-weary budget travelers celebrated today after low-cost.

Home minister catches visiting pro-wrestler John Cena in powerful hold

Submitted by ‘Pinned for the three Count’ Editor, KLIA:   In a surprising display of.

New Zealand tells Malaysia: “Sorry about Alvin Tan. It really sucks when you can’t get an offender back to face punishment!”

Submitted by Not Quite Ready to Face the Music Editor, AUCKLAND:  New Zealand’s Prime Minister,.

MILF separatists vow not to disarm until US college boys stop sending dirty snapchats

KUALA LUMPUR: The difficult process of disarming Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) rebels after a.

Sedition arrests to continue until harmony achieved

Submitted by Too Frightened To Write Anything Editor, PETALING JAYA:  The IGP confirmed today, that.

Office employees warned not to carpool at lunchtime following Uber ban

Submitted by Private Driving Prosecution Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Work colleagues who normally pile into Kelvin’s.

Eating my bones won’t give you a boner, says Malayan Tiger

Submitted by Adored to Death Editor, HONG KONG:  Today, a representative of the Malayan Tiger.

PM visits country he can’t pronounce

BAKU (Azerbaijan):  On Friday, the Prime Minister set aside concerns about the indebted 1MDB sovereign.

Nation’s racists claim non-racist video participants ‘quoted out of context’

Submitted by ‘Unexpected Malaysian Racial Harmony Video’ Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Today the nation’s racists expressed.

A&W replaced by Sedition Prosecution Drive Thru

Submitted by Convenient Conviction Editor, PETALING JAYA: With inter-racial tensions at boiling point, the authorities.

Penang McDonalds restaurants say only Americans can cook Big Macs

Submitted by Racially Profiled Cooking Editor, GEORGETOWN:  Penang McDonalds restaurants released a statement today, saying.

Always late employee somehow gets to Company Sponsored Ramadan Buffet on time

Submitted by Punctual Worker Editor, SHAH ALAM:  A 24-year-old Sales Executive, Mohd Affendi, has had.

New Zealand send Uruk-hai to hunt down Malaysian Diplomat

Submitted by Tolkein Avenger Editor, WELLINGTON:   All is not well in Middle Earth.   A foreign.

Perkasa flying to Baghdad to solve Iraq crisis

Submitted by Middle Eastern Resolution Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:   Malay supremacist group Perkasa announced today it.

KL homeless celebrate 6.2% Q1 GDP growth

Submitted by Destitute Economic Expert Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Today the estimated 1500 KL homeless yet.

Panda Fu Wa not expected to mate unless England advance from World Cup group stage

Submitted by World Cup Libido Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Female panda Feng Yi has been showing.