Homeowner Alarmed By Multiple Christian Cross Sightings Out Own Window

KUALA LUMPUR:  The residence of Abdullah Bin Bakar was on high alert this evening after.

Internet Firewall To Stop Malaysian Teens Looking At Porn For Seconds Until They Find Proxy Servers

PUTRAJAYA:  Today the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Communications Commission (MCMC) requested Internet providers block access.

Dr Mahathir hailed as nation’s saviour for asking same basic questions the opposition asks without getting arrested

PUTRAJAYA:  Today despairing Malaysians rejoiced at the news former PM Tun Mahathir emerged as the.

Nigerian Prince Offers To Bailout 1MDB

PUTRAJAYA:  Today Finance Ministry officials were pleased to announce that the debt laden 1MDB wealth.

Investigators Sweep 1MDB For Traces Of Anwar DNA

PUTRAJAYA:  A special investigative task force has begun carefully scanning 1MDB offices for traces of.

Detained Sirul Says Cilisos Received From Anonymous Putrajaya Well-wisher ‘Tastes Funny’

SYDNEY:  Detained bodyguard Sirul Azhar Umar told reporters this morning he was delighted to receive.

Nation’s Flight Stewards Disgusted With Anwar’s Homosexuality

KLCC:  Today the country’s hardworking, male cabin attendants voiced their disgust at the opposition leader’s.

Ismail Sabri Opens Own Kopitiam Featuring 10 Sen Nasi Lemak

SUBANG JAYA:  Hitting back at stubborn traders who were reluctant to pass on lower oil.

Inspiring Muslim survives 4 years at Christian Boarding School without becoming confused

KUALA LUMPUR: This week, the Prime Minister Najib Razak warned Muslims were being tested by.

Video of Halal Supermarket Trolley Molested by Korean Trolley Goes Viral

SHAH ALAM:   Malaysia’s religious authorities are on high alert today after a shocking viral video.

Few Good Men Star Col Jessup says Sirul Was Not Following Orders When Murdering Altantuya

PUTRAJAYA:  After the Malaysian Federal Court unanimously sentenced two men to hanging over the horrific.

FLOM Leads Flood Victim Emergency Relief Birkin Handbag Drop

Submitted by Flood Emergency Couture Editor, KELANTAN & TERENGGANU:  No stranger to helping Malaysians in.

KL Aquarium Relocated to KLIA2 says Transport Minister

  SEPANG: Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai today announced the world’s largest airport marine park will.

Outspoken Former Leaders Destroying Nation, Warns Dr M

Today FMN is honored to feature guest blogger Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad; 1.    I enjoy.

Nation’s Obese tell Khairy: Don’t question our Special Rights to Ayam Goreng

Submitted by ‘Fight For Your Right to Eat Deep Fried’ Editor, MALAYSIA:  Today the nation’s.

Samy Vellu suggests Cameron Highlands hilltop ‘comb over’ plan to Palanivel

Submitted by Hillside Bald Spot Cover Up Editor, CAMERON HIGHLANDS:  Minister of natural resources and.

Malaysian proposes with 99 Galaxy Note4s, she dumps him for guy with bigger stylus

  Submitted by Cellphone Based Lifetime Partner Editor, MALACCA:  Today a love-struck man proposed to.

Experts: It’s not our fault we don’t believe transgenders have rights, we were just born this way!

KUALA LUMPUR:  Following last week’s Court of Appeal ruling, today those who oppose the right.

Apologetic Syed Azmi organises new ‘I want to get my Life Back’ event

Submitted by Ulama Forgiveness Editor, PETALING JAYA: : Syed Azmi Abhal­shi, the controversial figure who.

Ridhuan Tee warns AirAsia WiFi enables sky-high WeChat sex hook-ups

Submitted by Airborne Morality Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Writer and well-known aviation services expert, Ridhuan Tee,.