Angered by proposed midnight mamak closures, disillusioned youngsters consider life of crime

MALAYSIA:   Today, impressionable bored youngsters considered taking up illegal pastimes after news broke 24hr eateries.

Man says he’s 100,000 dead rats away from buying a BMW

KUALA LUMPUR:   Today professional vermin catcher No Pah King, said he was only 100,000 dead.

Women prefer big bellies say men with big bellies

MALAYSIA:  Today the nation’s portly men agreed women prefer the ‘Dad Bod‘ to six packs.

Standing on 3ft vibrator actual alternative to exercise and quitting pizza hope customers

MID VALLEY:  Today mall shoppers agreed spending RM2500 on a 3 foot vibrator was preferable.

Bibik’s Arms Still Safer than Seat Belts say Malaysians

Submitted by Hug-based Collision Impact Safety Editor, MALAYSIA:  Despite the recent DUKE highway tragedy, today.

‘Overcome any obstacle’ success seminar cancelled after motivational speaker’s car stuck in jam

Submitted by Inspirational Perseverance Editor, PJ HILTON:  Fans of millionaire wealth and motivational speaker No.

Singaporeans buy up iPhone 6 stocks then immediately move into queue for iPhone 7

Submitted by Kiasu Gadget Upgrade Editor, ORCHARD ROAD:  Hours after the last iPhone 6 units.

Malaysian boycotters, McDonalds, negotiate 24hr ceasefire

Submitted by Multinational Fast Food Protest Editor, TERENGGANU: Pro-palestinian Malaysian boycotters and McDonalds are continuing.

KL Homeless show appreciation for city bench dividers by presenting DBKL with new office chairs

Submitted by Ergonomic Vagrant Deterrent Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Touched by the compassion and thoughtfulness shown.

Magician David Blaine to lock himself in cage with Bung Mokhtar

Submitted by Magical Suffering Editor, Magician David Blaine announced his first ever tour of Malaysia.

US TV star Malaysia Pargo learns country is using her name

Submitted by Clueless Reality Show Star Editor, LA:  Malaysia Pargo a reality TV star appearing.

KL workers welcome heavy rain to excuse lateness

Submitted by Tardy Employee Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  After many weeks of drought, KL workers were.

Man assists MH370 rescue effort by forwarding stuff on social media

CYBERSPACE:   A netizen going by the Facebook name of BIGNUTSDRAGON, is doing his part to.

Ex swimsuit model Felixia Yeap enjoys life as walking hijab commercial

Submitted by ‘If the suit fits’ Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  After years of being ‘used’ by.

Malaysian Guruji clears minds by emptying wallets

PETALING JAYA : Celestial voyager, motivational speaker and self-confessed trans-dimensional party animal, Guruji Moolah Maharishi.

Missing online: Malaysian fails to update Facebook status 6 hours

Submitted by Social Media Editor, BANGSAR:  Parents and friends of 21 year old Nur Aliza.

Son of Mukhriz also announces candidacy for UMNO VP

Submitted by Chip off the Old Block Editor,   ALOR SETAR:  The youngest son of.

Kiasu woman at seafood buffet arrested for Sedition

Submitted by Seditious Crustacean Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  44-year-old Bo Hung Lo found herself detained by.

Man uses ‘Barisan style’ re-election campaign to win back wife

Submitted by Marital Strife Editor SEREMBAN:  Baharom Bin Nasir reluctantly dissolved his marriage weeks ago.

Malaysia: The 10th friendliest place on earth!

Submitted by Warm hug editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  The Prime Minister and other Barisan Nasional leaders.