Malaysia Developing Driverless Car Capable Of Tailgating, Using Emergency Lanes

CYBERJAYA:   Today local technology startup Hia Today Bhd announced its new autonomous driver upgrade was.

Report: Thousands Of Disadvantaged Malaysian Children Suffering In Parks Without Pokémon Go

NATION:  Today, alarming statistics released by the Malaysian Institute of Child Well-being, indicate up to.

Lego Releases KL Haze Season Play Set

MALAYSIA:  Collectors were scrambling to Lego shops today to buy up stocks of the Danish.

Malaysia Mulls Banning Apps That Encourage Illegal Assembly

MALAYSIA: In the wake of the failed coup in Turkey, the Home Ministry said today.

Proton Launches Clean Energy Vehicle That Runs On Govt Soft Loans

KUALA LUMPUR:  National car maker Proton launched the new Proton Sloth today in an effort.

Life A Crappy Choice Between Risking Diabetes And Missing White Rice, Experts Say

SINGAPORE:  Health Authorities confirmed today that being healthy and avoiding diabetes involves a miserable existence.

Malaysian Student Says $4.6mil Found In Her Account A Gift For Fighting Isis

SYDNEY:  Today a Malaysian student apprehended while trying to board a flight to KL told.

Uncle Saves Wedding By Taking Perfect Photo On Old 1.3MP Nokia Camera Phone

SINGAPORE: The wedding of Clemence Tan and Katherine Yeoh averted disaster on the weekend thanks.

Maxis CEO furious after learning local pub giving better prices to new customers

PLAZA DAMANSARA:  Norwegian expat and Maxis CEO Morten Lundal took to social media last night.

Perfect Online Soulmate Says He Needs To Borrow RM20k So You Can Be Together Forever

CYBERSPACE:   Today on-line soulmate David, explained to his future life partner, Malaysian single mother Nor,.

Commuters Spending 2 Hours A Year Waiting Behind Cars Stuck In Smart Tag Lanes, Study Finds

Klang Valley:  A comprehensive commuter driving habits study said the average KL commuter spends two.

Guy copying Facebook posts into news blog hailed as journalist

MALAYSIA:   People who copy viral Facebook posts into well-formatted blogs are trusted as reliable news.

Your Fake 2016 Chinese Horoscope

It’s time again to sober up our recently paroled resident feng shui expert Master Kok,.

Girl not eating dinner lectured about starving students in Malaysia

LEEDS:  Fussy eater Penelope Primrose was given a serious talking to by her father last.

Cigarette smugglers give thumbs up to Johor vape ban

JOHOR:  Today the nation’s cigarette smugglers welcomed the royal decree by Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum.

Vape Ban: Smokers Returning To Cigarettes Good For Treasury’s Health

MALACCA:  Today authorities warned unless the nation’s 1 million vapers switch back to cigarettes, it.

Using Signal Only Helps Enemies Cut You Off, Drivers Warn

  PETALING JAYA:  A local driver regretted using his indicator light to signal his intention.

Rice on leaf tastier than rice on plate, say Experts

MALAYSIA:  Rice eaten off a real banana leaf tastes much better than rice served on.

Station rebranding news: Passengers at Domino’s Pizza Imbi LRT expecting free garlic bread

IMBI: Domino’s Pizza are considering backing out of a RM3 Million corporate sponsorship deal this.

Boyfriend complains being forced to watch sexless ‘Girlfriend Kontrak’ a form of bondage

SUBANG JAYA:  Today a man at a cinemaplex said he was forced to watch U-rated.