Non-male woman spoils Malaysian cabinet sausage fest

Submitted by Gender Inequality Editor, PUTRAJAYA: Today Sharp eyed political watchers were shocked to discover.

Former PM speaks up on thing PM won’t comment on

Submitted by Elegant Silence Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Malaysians have become very concerned about that really.

PM, UMNO considers suing Facebook over defamatory reader comments

Submitted by Offensive Internet Publications Editor, PUTRAJAYA:    Malaysian social media addicts were shocked today after.

Govt to implement human rights reforms that will ultimately end its term in office ‘very soon!’

Submitted by Empty Gestures Editor, PUTRAJAYA: Following the release of Suaram’s latest Malaysian Human Rights.

MCA too busy to contest Bukit Gelugor – Say May is a hectic month

Submitted by He Who Fights and Runs Away Editor, GEORGE TOWN:  In a move that.

Govt celebrates first anniversary of GE13 win with cake

Submitted by Electoral Mandate Birthday Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  Today marks the first anniversary of the Prime.

Achieve success through hard work, not “who you know,” says son of former PM

Submitted by All In the Family Editor, CYBERJAYA:  Yesterday, the Prime Minister took time out.

Jealous of closer Malaysia-US relations, China vows to ‘dismantle’ 2nd Penang bridge

Submitted by Diplomatic Jealousy Editor, PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia and the United States upgraded their relationship status.

If I was Prime Minister, I would introduce smaller bikinis says Tourism Minister

Submitted by Pointless Political Aspirations Editor, PUTRAJAYA:   With the nation in mourning, Malaysian politicians decided.

MH370 families appologise to politicians for upstaging Kajang by-election

Submitted by Unfortunate Timing Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Grieving families of the 239 passengers onboard the.

MCA pledge to leave mistresses if party lose by-election

Submitted by Extramarital Postings Editor, KAJANG:  Following their disastrous performance in GE13, MCA are struggling.

Retired Chief Minister finally taking overseas vacation to visit money

Submitted by Family Holiday Editor, KUCHING: The state reluctantly bade farewell to retiring Sarawak Chief.

EC postpones by-election to allow PKR time to explain ‘Kajang Move’

Submitted by Give them Enough Rope Editor, . KAJANG:  The Malaysian Election Commission is an.

Anwar tipped to win Kajang by-election unless BN field candidate

Submitted by Vacated Seat By-Election Editor, PETALING JAYA:  In a crowded press conference at the.

Govt stockpiles leadership to lower cost of delaying decisions

Submitted by Super Human Leadership Editor, PUTRAJAYA: To curb the rising cost of avoiding serious.

3D printer produces fully functioning Prime Minister

Submitted By Cutting Edge Technology Editor, CYBERJAYA:  This year’s Malaysian Inventors Showcase was filled with.

PM begs UMNO members for Candy Crush lives

Submitted by Sugar Crush Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Last week the Prime Minister blasted 2,500 delegates.

Government accuses opposition of using own brains

Submitted by Overseas Consultant Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  The Prime Minister surprised Malaysians this week by releasing.

Government fights discrimination against racist newspaper

Submitted by GLC Coercion Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Circulation of bahasa newspaper Utusan, has dropped by.

Same leaders transform UMNO from a caterpillar into fatter caterpillar

Submitted by Political Entomology Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  In a major victory for the Prime Minister and.