PM: Repeal the Sedition Act? What was that Guy in 2012 Thinking?

Submitted by Expedient Back-flip Editor, PWTC: Today the Prime Minister lashed out at a pre-election.

Umno Women Rushed to Putrajaya Hospital with ‘Hisham-Fever’

KUALA LUMPUR:  The Dewan Merdeka Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) here today collapsed into chaos.

‘Not everything on the Internet can be accepted as truth’ says man with own Website, Twitter Feed, and Facebook Page

KUALA LUMPUR: Today a man who has spent millions of taxpayer dollars fostering a credible.

Ahmad Maslan receives govt ‘letter of support’ for explaining 1MDB in parliament

Submitted by At Least Worth The Paper It’s Printed On Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Today Deputy.

PM presses Russia for MH17 crash access in special shirtless meeting

Submitted by Bare Chested Diplomacy Editor, BEIJING:  Committing himself like never before to uphold justice.

11th Malaysia plan to be running around trying to keep right wing groups happy

Submitted by Intolerant NGO Appeasement Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  Today the Government announced that it would be.

Govt mulls shorter work week to give Malaysians time to argue about dogs, beer and sex videos

Submitted by Tackling the Things that Matter Editor, PUTRAJAYA: Authorities expressed concern today after research.

Gerakan delegates disciplined for playing ‘Harmony Cliche Bingo’ during PM’s speech

  Submitted by Predictable Orator Gaming Editor, SETIA ALAM:  Irate Gerakan president, Datuk Mah Siew.

Use BR1M to pay GST so we can afford to pay BR1M, says Ahmad Maslan

Submitted by Chicken and Egg Budgetting Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  Today Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan,.

You don’t have to support us to pay tax, PM reassures Chinese

KUALA LUMPUR:  Striking a more conciliatory tone with the Chinese after his controversial statements over.

PM slammed as repeat budget wardrobe offender

Submitted by Let’s Budget Like it’s 2013 Editor, Malaysia’s fashion industry was speechless this afternoon,.

How to sell an unpopular budget in 5 easy steps

For those considering a future in politics, here’s how to sell an unpopular budget in.

PM announces 9 day working visit to Malaysia

Submitted by Jet-setting Leadership Editor, DUBAI:   The rakyat were delighted to learn today, that our.

RM6 billion GST an investment in an indebted, overstaffed Govt, not a bailout

Submitted by Ground Floor Investment Opportunity Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  Yesterday, the Prime Minister reassured hard-working Malaysians.

Malaysia: One big family with some members under arrest

Submitted by ‘Arrests to Continue until Morale Improves’ Editor, MALAYSIA:  Malaysians put aside their differences.

PM takes ice bucket challenge to cure Dr M’s ALS (need Another Leader Syndrome)

  Submitted by Withdrawal of Support Affliction Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  This morning, the Prime Minister bravely.

Concerned husband says allowing politician’s wife to lead Selangor sets dangerous precedent

Submitted by Spousal Leadership Complications Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  A concerned husband who claimed to have.

Khalid tells PKR detractors to gracefully step down for the sake of the party

Submitted by Forceful Ousting Editor, PETALING JAYA: Today, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim urged his detractors.

Leaders deny wikileaks bribe charge – say were only testing new Aussie banknotes at the mall

Submitted by Polymer Note Carrying Editor, PUTRAJAYA:  In a rare showing of solidarity between current.

Tolerating KL city clueless will only encourage them to stay say experts

Submitted By : Urban Empathy Editor, KUALA LUMPUR:  Compassionate Malaysians have found themselves sympathising with.