FMN is shutting down, Here’s where we will be going

ANNOUNCEMENT: In 2012 satirists like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert called their parody Comedy Central news shows “fake news,” so when we set up this stupid website, ‘Fake Malaysia News’ seemed like a pretty good name.

We thought it was kind of cool that unlike The Onion or the Daily Mash we openly used the word ‘fake’ in the title,

However, today in the world of Trump, ‘fake news’ doesn’t mean funny parody news or satire, it means sending out bogus terrorist attack alerts or fooling Facebook algorithms with damning information to affect election outcomes. Doesn’t sound like something we’re into. FMN was always about just trying to find funny in the headlines of the day.

So now we don’t want to be Fake Malaysia News anymore, and after spending millions on a rebranding exercise you can find us at

If you subscribe to FMN on RSS point your feeder thingy to


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