EC Celebrates Redelineation Exercise With Commemorative Pizza


KUALA LUMPUR:  Malaysia’s Election Commission (EC) in partnership with several fast-food chains released a special commemorative pizza today celebrating the almost-completed, completely fair and equitable, GE14 Selangor redelineation exercise.

“The Selangor GE14 pizza is topped with delicious chicken sausage and chili distributed between carefully designated boundaries,” an EC spokesman explained assuring voters the pizza in no way resembles the practice of gerrymandering in favour of Barisan Nasional by hearding voters into districts where BN voters matter more than Pakatan voters,

The impartial EC has told individual pizza diners if they object to the size and composition of their pizza slices they can always lodge a formal complaint which will be taken a little less seriously than the Prime Minister’s desire to wrest control of Selangor at any cost.

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