Strong Robust Economy Will Completely Collapse If Criticised

KUALA LUMPUR: Economic experts agreeing with Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan confirmed even though the rock-solid Malaysian Economy is robust and built on sound fundamentals, it could totally collapse if criticised by irresponsible media outlets like the Malaysian Insight and Edge Weekly.

“The Malaysian economy is like a turtle. If you startle it with unwelcome criticism its little head will hide in its shell,” explained Economic resiliency analyst, Abdullah bin Bakar, “these opposition-linked portals need to shut up, allowing our economic turtle to run as fast as possible!”

Meanwhile, the govt would like to remind Malaysians the economy growing at 5.2% is indeed doing much better than you, and while you might be struggling with a low salary, debt and living expenses, the economy can afford a fabulous holiday in London, and plans to buy a new bungalow and SUV next month.


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