Fake Dentist Ready To Give Brain Surgery A Go


PETALING JAYA: Self-taught 20-year-old dentist, Nur Farahanis Ezatty Adli or “Naraswaraa” on Instagram, confirmed after her prison release today, that she was ready to move on from orthodontics, and would like to try her hand at brain surgery.

“Nara spent last night watching YouTube biopsy and craniotomy procedures along with that Season 3 Episode of House about the brain tumor.   She should be all set to open her new walk-in surgery next week,” a source close to the Instagram-star confirmed explaining to reporters that offering bargain brain operations was the least the young go-getter could do for the Malaysia Islamic Economic Activist Organisation (PPEIM) members, NGOs and motorcyclists who bailed her out  after she served only 6 days of her 6-month-sentence.

“I think Nara’s brain surgery business will be a huge success,” said one of her former dentistry patients delighted to have saved thousands on his braces despite the wisdom tooth grinding and pus leaking from his gums, “she gets all her clients like me through ‘word of botchy mouth!’”

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