Citizen Liow Slams MCA Beer Fest Backdown

PETALING JAYA:   Today enraged YouTube celebrity ‘Citizen Liow’ slammed MCA politicians for not doing enough to defend his rights following the cancellation of the 2017 Better Beer Festival.

“Weeks ago some politician came into my house and after helping himself to coffee told me to believe in Malaysia,” ranted ‘Citizen Liow’ hurling his trademark White Rabbit candies at reporters, “Where is that man now when my rights to attend a harmless craft beer festival are threatened?  Like a typical politician, he just rolls over!

“Why not go to bat for the Chinese and negotiate with DBKL?  Find a solution that satisfies all concerned parties.  If security is the problem, change the venue!  Find a way!  Prove a diverse society can succeed if we learn to compromise and respect everyone’s right to make choices!”

“Politician Liow and MCA can forget about my vote over this.  It’s like the Michael Jackson song, ‘if you want to make the world a better place, make a video with yourself then make a change!'”

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