PM Arrives For Trump Talks Sporting Bold New Look


WASHINGTON: Arriving ahead of his first official meeting with Donald Trump since he became President, diplomatic officials close to Najib Razak confirmed the Malaysian PM will be showcasing a bold new look demonstrating his government’s commitment to boosting ties with the United States.

“Najib spent most of the flight onboard ‘NR1’ prepping for his meeting,” a foreign ministry spokesman confirmed, “after 3 cans of Trump-brand hairspray, the PM is as ready as he’ll ever be for these important White House talks.”

Subjects expected to be discussed during the historic Najib, Trump meeting include, the Rohingya crisis, waiving US visa requirements for Malaysians, North Korean intelligence sharing, stealth fighter jet purchases, South China Sea territories, golf, and everyone getting various headshot photos signed.

It is rumoured Najib will forgo a joint-leader press conference, seeing the American media have been poisoned by Malaysia’s all powerful opposition. Instead, a series of face-saving Oval Office selfies will soon appear on the PM’s Twitter feed and local newspapers.

“We don’t know if the DoJ’s 1MDB investigations will be mentioned, but it’s likely Najib’s new hair wont be the only cover up discussed at the meeting!”

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