White House: Trump Summons PM To Bend The Knee



WASHINGTON: Officials in Putrajaya have confirmed receiving a diplomatic summons by raven last night from the Hand of US President Donald J. Trump of New York, Son of Fred Trump, Builder of Walls, Protector of the Realm, The Impeachable, Breaker of Oaths, King of Tweets, and Mother of Fuckers, for our Prime Minister Najib Razak, Son of Prime Minister Abdul Razak Hussein, Malaysian Official 1, Minister of Finance, Ex-1MDB Advisory Board Chair, Purchaser of French Submarines, Receiver of Donations, He Who Is Cleared of All Charges, and High Court Ruled, Not A Public Officer, to visit the White House where he is expected to be asked if he will ‘bend the knee.’

“The PM will be seeking allies seeing his administration has been under constant attack from ‘White Walker’ Mat Salleh journalists from the Sarawak Report and Wall St Journal,” a source confirmed, “it’s just a matter of time before they breach Malaysia’s mighty (fire)wall!”

“We Najib supporters believe this White House invitation proves the U.S. Dept of Justice has ‘moved on’ from its 1MDB criminal investigations.  Let’s hope this isn’t a case of ‘The North Remembers’ otherwise, it will be up to Uncle Benjen appearing out of nowhere on horseback to save him!”

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