Singapore McDonald’s Introduces ‘Deconstructed’ Nasi Lemak Burger


DHOBY GAUNT: Singaporean fast food aficionados have been politely queuing up for hours today after local McDonald’s outlets began serving a new dish they are calling the ‘deconstructed nasi lemak burger.’

“The nasi lemak burger sold out in just two weeks,” explained Singapore McDonalds culinary innovations engineer, Guy Hia, “so we asked ourselves, ‘how could we reinvent the nasi lemak burger for a new generation of Singaporean diners?'”

“After careful deliberation, we decided to reinterpret the nasi lemak burger as a rice meal by replacing the burger buns with fragrant coconut rice whilst retaining the sambal, ikan bilis, fried chicken, and egg which made the nasi lemak burger such a hit with Singaporeans.”

“We’re calling our invention, ‘The Deconstructed Nasi Lemak Burger!’  It’s mouth-wateringly delicious, has mass appeal across all ethnicities and can can be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch, or dinner!”

“Best of all, we did it before Malaysia!”

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