MRT Destruction On Track For 2020 Say Vandals


KUALA LUMPUR: Today the nation’s public transport vandals said the destruction of the modern, Mass Rapid Transit Corporation (MRT) Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line was well underway and will be completed on schedule and within budget, thanks to their commitment to best demolition practices.

“We have our best vandals working the MRT night and day,” explained public infrastructure damage specialist, Kid Kangkung, “even as we speak, our team is working on breaking toilet bowls, etching scribbles into MRT seats, allowing children to climb decorative Rukun Negara walls, and chiseling bits out of benches and fixtures.”

“Expectations remain high, but we remain committed to handing over a completely destroyed MRT to the public on schedule in 2020!”

Destruction of MRT phase 3 is to begin in 2022, shortly after the new line is opened.

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