Italy Cuts Ties With M’sia For Crimes Against Natural Order Of Pizza


ROME:  In a formal statement, Italy ended diplomatic ties with Malaysia this afternoon after a viral image of a ‘pizza tougeh’ was classified a crime against the natural order of pizza.

A traditional Italian thin crust pizza
A traditional thin crust pizza as stipulated by the Italian constitution.


A Malaysian pizza commemorating the fair and equitable election commission re-delineation exercise.


A spokesman for Italy’s international diplomacy Pizza sanctity task-force Mario Tagliatelle said in a statement, “for many years we have quietly tolerated insult after insult against our nation’s cuisine by Malaysians.”

“When Malaysians added ikan bilis and sambal to pizza, we Italians said nothing.  When Malaysians injected cheese into Pizza crusts, we were also silent, then came the tom yum prawn bread bowl infused with sausages, ejaculating cheese pops, and satay sticks topped with kichap and a slice of lime.”



Eye-witnesses reported Italian culinary officials bursting into tears at the sight of twitter user @trpkkrllng’s ‘pizza tougeh’ which was believed to be the final straw.

Despite the news, Malaysian negotiators remain hopeful of restoring relations with Italy at a working lunch served at the Malaysian Embassy in Rome.   KL Chef Abdullah bin Bakar will be serving his signature dish, cheesy kari udang kapitan spaghetti.


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