RCI to probe 80s BNM losses now, 1MDB in 2047


PUTRAJAYA:  Today Malaysia’s Cabinet confirmed it will set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to probe Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) 1980s Forex losses immediately, whilst reminding the public 1MDB is not due to be investigated until 2047.

“These billion ringgit scandal investigations need to be scheduled to a time where they can do the most good,” explained billion ringgit losses opportune probe timing analyst, Kevin Yap.

“By 2047, the Prime Minister of the day will need to distract voters from his own billion ringgit scandal making it the perfect opportunity to bring up the 2009-2014 theft of 1MDB funds, 30 years after it took place.”

“The 2047 Prime Minister will only be too happy to send a clear message to the rakyat going into GE20 that he takes the squandering of the nation’s wealth very seriously, especially if the losses took place during the time of his meddling predecessor Najib Razak who needs taking down a peg!”

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