Scientists discover 11,000y/o Perak Man kept younger mistress in Penang

KELAPA BATAS:  After the exciting recent discovery of a Neolithic female skeleton in Guar Kepah, local archeologists believe they have uncovered the famous Perak Man’s secret mistress he’d been keeping in Penang.

“Many archeologists at the Perak Man dig suspected he might have a mistress seeing the skeleton seems to have died with a smile on his face,” explained Prof Dr. Abdullah Bin Bakar,

“The necklaces and other bling surrounding the Penang Woman’s remains support the theory Perak Man was lavishing her with gifts.  We suspect he bought her a studio cave in Penang so he could secretly visit on weekends.”

“It’s impressive the 11,000 year old Perak Man had the stamina to keep up with a 5000 year old Penang mistress half his age!”

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