Investors mourning JJPTR collapse begin search for new pyramid scheme

KUALA LUMPUR:    Today Malaysian investors keen for quick returns on their hard-earned money mourned the sudden demise of classic ‘money game’ JJPTR or JJ Poor to Rich while looking for a more trustworthy, new pyramid scheme to put their life savings into.

“I need to find someone who can realistically make 20%  each month on my money,” explained money game investment enthusiast, Sum Ting Wong, “they tend to be young trading whiz kids with whiteboards who can somehow consistently outperform investing newbies like Warren Buffet!

“These schemes claim they make all their money trading your money, but are always keen to get you to recruit friends and family members so they ‘can get rich too!’  Those signing up new investor kickbacks they give are obviously because they’re such great guys and not desperate to bring in new ‘suckers money’ into the fund!”

Johnson Lee says if only the ‘hackers’ who traded away the US$110mil were as good as JJPTR’s magical, never lose money traders, the money would still be there today.


Investment experts suggest avoiding pyramid schemes however Malaysian taxpayers critical of 1MDB say they’re stuck at the bottom of one already.


“I thought my last FOREX trading money game sounded like a too good to be true ponzi scheme so I only gave them an initial RM1000.”

“When I received the 20% RM200 dividend on my RM1000 I thought, ‘well this checks out’ and gave them my entire RM500,000 life savings.  I can’t wait to find out how much it’s worth now once they return my phone calls!”

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