M’sians Mourn Disney Decision To Pull Beauty & The Beast While Quietly Searching For Torrents

MALAYSIA:  Local cinema-goers today respected Disney’s decision to pull the Malaysian theatrical release of the Beauty and the Beast remake today while simultaneously quietly searching for a decent torrent of it on Pirate Bay.

“I have to respect Disney’s decision not to pander to local censors by removing a controversial ‘gay moment'” said movie-buff Jennifer Yap, quietly checking the comments section on ExtraTorrent to see if any uploaded cams of the film had an audio or video quality higher than five, “I respect Disney’s integrity.  They want Malaysians exactly how its creators intended.”

Jennifer later confessed even if the gay-free edit of Beauty and the Beast was released in Malaysia, she would’ve BitTorrented an uncensored version of the movie anyway just to see what the fuss was about.

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