PM injured after patting himself on the back too hard for GST

PUTRAJAYA:  Following his Doctor’s recommendation, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak cut short a planned one-hour speech last night praising himself for the introduction the GST.

“I have some concerns for the PM’s health as he continues to campaign for his reelection,” explained Najib’s personal physician, Dr Abdullah bin Bakar, “all this patting himself on the back for saving Malaysia’s economy by imposing a GST on everyone is not doing his spine and shoulder any good.”

The PMO released this artist’s impression of what Malaysia would look like if not for the GST.

Corrupt officials fiercely loyal to the PM have promised to do more of their luxiry shopping in Malaysian malls to pay their fair-share of GST.

“I recommend the PM consider easing up on the self congratulatory ‘GST saved the economy’ patting self on the back speeches for a while, and do something less stressful on his body like seizing Kelantan from PAS in a gentle way to preserve unity!”

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