Man proves donations really go to orphans by showing photocopies

CHOW KIT:  Today a man walking into restaurants collecting donations on behalf of needy children said he is absolutely not keeping the money he is receiving, and proved it by displaying poor quality photocopies of photocopies in a binder.

“See this binder?” he asked several diners wishing they could finish their claypot rice, “I wouldn’t have filled it with these blurred photocopies of papers from an orphanage if I was a scam artist would I?”

“I had my suspicions, but once the Uncle showed me his photocopies figured he wouldn’t fuck off unless I give him two ringgit,”  explained Kelvin Yap,   “he also had an official charity worker ID printed up in a lanyard, and it’s not like office supply stops sell lanyards out to just anyone!”

Kelvin felt glad his money would help real orphans and not con artists but couldn’t later help noticing the charity Uncle walking around with a man who hobbled on a stick only while begging, a ‘monk’ giving out bracelets then charging for them, and the religious man championing Muslim causes who had no problem asking drunks in the pub for money.

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