Malaysians laud returning Nokia 3310 until they realise it can’t take selfies

MALAYSIA:  Today nostalgic Malaysian gadget hunters lauded Nokia’s decision to resurrect the Nokia 3310 for the brief moments it took for them to realise the phone had no front-facing selfie camera and no Instagram.

“Who buys a phone to actually talk to people?” asked one Malaysian, “It sounds like something people did in ancient times doesn’t it?”

“The 2MB camera won’t do much justice to my lunch photos, not that I can share them on social media with anyone.   I think most people will find using a 2.5G phone far more convenient than a 4G smartphone you have to charge every day!”

The rescued Finnish phone-maker has assured the Nokia 3310 will provide welcome relief for users tired of selfies, apps, WiFi, touch screens, HD video, podcasts, web browsing and social media.

Experts believe the new Nokia 3310 could threaten to replace the indestructible 17-year old, original Nokia 3310 you still have in a drawer somewhere, or the cracked iPhone4 you’re currently using as your second phone.

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