PM open to performing at Trump inauguration if US drops kleptocracy probe

PUTRAJAYA:  Well-placed trade officials keen to strengthen Malaysia’s US ties have indicated a willingness for Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to sing at Donald Trump’s inauguration ball this Friday, after several famous US entertainers embarrassed the President Elect by refusing invitations.

“The swearing in of US president Donald Trump takes place Friday,” a source confirmed, “that still leaves our PM enough time to brush up his Shalalala Lalas, pack his karaoke machine, and fly to Washington.”

“This  performance and a subsequent meeting would be a good opportunity for Najib and ‘The Donald’ to realise they have a lot in common,” an analyst remarked, “both leaders enjoy private planes and luxury properties, and well as believing the free press is out to get them.”

“Of course, in return for his face-saving inauguration performance, Malaysia’s PM would insist the US Department of Justice immediately drop its 1MDB kleptocracy probe and restore all high-end New York and LA real estate to its rightful mysterious shelf-company owners!”

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