Rahman Dahlan Appointed Minister Of Obvious (MO1)

rahman dahlan

PUTRAJAYA:  Colleagues and well-wishers gathered at the office of BN Strategic Communications Director, Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan today, to congratulate him upon his appointment as the nation’s new Minister of Obvious.

“The Minister of Obvious is a senior cabinet position added to his communications portfolio,” explained a senior official, “after admitting PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is Malaysian Official 1 , Abdul Rahman has proved himself the Minister of Obvious the nation needs.”

“Seeing Abdul Rahman is the government’s first Minister of Obvious, he may be addressed as MO1 for short.  He shouldn’t be confused with the US Dept Of Justice’s MO1.”

The new MO1 wasted no time calling his first press conference only hours after his appointment.

“Flash floods will continue especially if it keeps raining,” Abdul Rahman told reporters, “also, the haze will recede once the Sumatra fires are out.  Finally, there will be a snap General Election so long as the PM doesn’t postpone it until the end of his term.”

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