Censors Insisting On Criminal Retribution In Movies Because It’s Not Happening In Real Life

kabali new ending

PETALING JAYA:  The Malaysian Film Censorship board (LPF) defended its decision to insist on a new ending for Kollywood blockbuster Kabali today, saying local cinema audiences watching a criminal regret his actions and face retribution on film, makes a nice change from what they see happening in real life.

“We need gangster movies like Kabali to give Malaysians moral lessons,” said LPF spokesman, Abdullah Abu Bakar, “it’s not like they’re going to get them from watching the nation’s leaders!  Malaysian Cinema-goers want an escape from dreary 1MDB headlines by escaping into a fantasy world where crime doesn’t actually pay.”

“It we wanted Kabali to be realistic, we would have suggested Rajinikanth’s criminal appoint his own task force, then clear him of all charges.  Unfortunately that idea was beyond the movie’s production budget!”

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