Red Granite Pictures Acquire Movie Rights To Own Lawsuit


HOLLYWOOD:   Red Granite Pictures, film producers behind such hits as Daddy’s Home, Dumb and Dumber Too and Wolf of Wall St., had show-business tongues wagging this week after shrewdly acquiring the movie rights to their own US Department of Justice civil forfeiture suit.

“Just before the DoJ news broke, Riza Aziz, Joey McFarland and their trusty financier Jho Lho via Skype, negotiated with themselves an agreement to film their own story,” showbiz Variety columnist Rick Brick confirmed, “we don’t know exactly how much they paid themselves, but we do know it involved some significant offshore transactions!”

“The Red Granite movie will be a classic Hollywood riches to more riches story about how some guys related or connected to the Malaysian Prime Minister suddenly had the money to buy expensive property and finance blockbuster films.  Don’t spoil the ending for me, I’m dying to know how this one turns out!  If this movie is a success it could be the first film in a new 1MDB cinematic universe!”

It is understood the producers are not sure if Leonardo DeCaprio will star in the forthcoming Red Granite movie as the actor is currently not returning their calls.

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