We’ll Tackle Poverty, Drugs, And Extremism Once We Solve The Serious Problem Of Cinemas, PAS Says


KELANTAN:  Today a source close to Deputy Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said that tackling the critical issue of who sits where in state cinemas and checking what movies people may see, proves PAS is as relevant to Malaysians today as ever.

“When Muslims get a substandard education, face rising living costs and poor work prospects, their daughters are afraid of being robbed or assaulted, and their unemployed mat rempit gang member sons are dealing crystal meth, they can take comfort in the knowledge that we in PAS are hard at work checking they don’t sit together in cinemas!” he said.

“Yes economic marginalisation, crime, HIV, education, incest, destruction of forests, flooding, extremism, unwanted pregnancy and poverty are very real, very important issues, and PAS may even deal with them someday, but men and women sitting together watching Ghostbusters?  Well that needs to stop right now!”

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