Families Pray For Safe Return Of RM12m Ransom


SARAWAK:  Today families of the four sailors recently returned by their Abu Sayyaf captors, prayed for the safe return of the RM12 million ransom money whose whereabouts could not be confirmed.

“Many of us took out mortgages on our homes, borrowed from friends, and appealed to public to raise that RM12 million ransom, “said a family member, “we would just like to know if it’s OK, and when we can get it back home safe and sound!  Do we need to arrange another ransom to our own police for them to return it?”

“The Home Minister might respect after all we’ve been through, we might not feel that charitable towards Islamic organisations, especially Filipino ones, and might want some say in where our unused ransom money goes.  If it wasn’t used to secure anyone’s freedom, why can’t we get it back?”

Unconfirmed sources claim the ruthless Isis-linked Abu Sayyaf , kidnapper terrorists, were so moved to tears by the special branches’ generosity in giving their RM12 mil ransom away to charity, they released their four hostages unharmed.  Police are confident this ingenious exchange strategy sends a strong message to deter other would-be kidnappers.

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