Proton Launches Clean Energy Vehicle That Runs On Govt Soft Loans


KUALA LUMPUR:  National car maker Proton launched the new Proton Sloth today in an effort to regain market share lost to local and foreign competitors.

“The Proton Sloth is a clean energy vehicle that runs 100% on taxpayer-funded, government soft loans,” said product manager Harith Bin Bakar,  “the cars wont use petrol, as the engine-free Sloth sedan is powered by two turbo 1/10hp public servants, pushing each vehicle down roads and highways!”


The PM is a strong supporter of the national car project, on the condition he never has to ride in one himself.
The PM is a supporter of Proton cars on condition that he and his wife never have to ride in them.


Loyal Proton owners unhappy with Dr Mahathir's sudden departure have
Loyal Proton owners have taken to protesting former CEO Dr Mahathir’s sudden departure by driving with their car windows rolled down to half mast.  This protest can only be undone by visiting your local Proton service centre.


After injecting RM1.25billion into the troubled car-maker, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) says Proton plans to develop some driverless vehicles, a move experts say will compliment the customerless cars they already make.

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