Perfect Online Soulmate Says He Needs To Borrow RM20k So You Can Be Together Forever


CYBERSPACE:   Today on-line soulmate David, explained to his future life partner, Malaysian single mother Nor, he needs to borrow RM20,000 from her because his Millions are tied up in various business ventures.  In a long touching email, he promised once she transferred the funds, they can start their blissful lives together in Malaysia and the UK.

“This is a common problem experienced by Matrimonial Website Romeos,” said online matchmaking adviser Yu Hai Ding, “they waste too much time writing poems and emails and not enough time checking their cash-flow situation!   It’s no wonder these handsome idiots get stuck at KLIA needing their internet lovers to bail them out!”

“David is charming, romantic and kind,” said lovestruck Nor, “he even adored the pictures of my kids!  He’s flirty too! Especially after I promised to give him my credit card numbers!  I just wish he had the cash to fix his broken Skype camera so we can chat!”

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