Govt asks visiting Will Smith if he can help voters forget about RM2.6bil

will smith pm najib

MID VALLEY:   Hours after Will Smith was spotted in KL’s Mid Valley, sources reported high ranking government officials had visited the Hollywood star in his Hilton Sentral hotel.

“The men who met Will said they were acting on behalf of the Prime Minister,” explained one of Smith’s entourage, “they said Najib was a huge Men In Black fan and particularly liked the neuralizer used to make people forget things.

“They said the unpopular Malaysian PM was in deep trouble over several scandals and possibly negotiating his exit.  He was wondering if the amnesia inducing silver dildo was real, and if it could be used to make an entire nation forget about offshore slush funds and suspicious donations.”

“Will was all like, ‘Dude are you serious? It was just a movie!'”

“I think the officials knew, but were ordered to ask anyway. They seemed pretty desperate!”

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