Bauxite Mining: Nation shocked you can actually suspend something while probing it for corruption

najib vs bauxite


MALAYSIA:  After hearing news harmful bauxite mining will be suspended 3 months to make way for an impartial corruption probe, some were left wondering why the same logic doesn’t apply to our PM and his RM2.6bil donation.

“Bauxite mining is harmful to the people and most likely corrupt,” said a political insider, “we really needed to put the brakes on it while we investigate it independently without fear or favour.”

“Unfortunately for Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, it does set an awkward precedent!   People are asking if Bauxite Mining can be suspended for a 3 month corruption inquiry, why can’t our nation’s leader ‘step down’ for a full RM2.6bil donation probe?

A PMO spokesman has since confirmed unlike bauxite mining, Najib will keep on going, regardless of what investigators and journalists dig up.


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