IKEA accused of using tempting furniture to sell meatballs


CHERAS:  Today Malaysian shoppers said Swedish retailer IKEA were taking advantage of the Malaysian obsession with designer furniture to push customers into their restaurant.

“I didn’t plan on eating here,” said a Malaysian trying some salmon, “but I can’t resist a good sofa.  IKEA deliberately designs their stores such in a way that you can’t help but end up in a cafeteria line!”

“It happened so fast,” said another shopper,  “one moment my wife and I were testing counter tops, the next we’re impulse eating two plates of chicken wings!  How did we even get here?”

“These selling practices need to stop,” said retail behavioral analyst Abdullah Bakar, “IKEA knows a typical Malaysian will drive for hours to check out a handsome Billy bookcase.   But why take advantage to push some meatballs?”

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